Sunday, August 21, 2011

Transformation of Consciousness

For the first few years of my love-affair with flower essences, I focussed on learning all I could about them. I did workshops, I read numerous books, I signed up for a distance-learning course.

And…  I worked with essences. Almost every day, I worked with them, for myself, and for others. It has been said, that, in order to be a high-level master of anything, one needs to have completed 10,000 hours of work with that skill. I was setting out in pursuit of that 10,000 hours!

From 1992 to 1996, this work was with other people’s essences (for details, read the info in the links in my previous post).

However, in 1996, I was ready to make my own essences. For about two years, this was a slowly evolving process, but from 1998 everything exploded, especially from August 1998, when I went full-time with the essences.

By 1999, I had a very comprehensive set of my own flower essences, and wow, were they powerful! I believe that, at the time, these “New Millennium Essences” were the most powerful set of flower essences yet produced on planet earth. (For details of the actual essences, etc, see the links in my previous post.)

Not only were my “New Millennium Essences” powerful, they were also different. It’s hard to put into words, but….

These essences had managed to capture the “spirit of the age”, the energy of the dawning of the new millennium. Just as Doctor Edward Bach’s essences had captured the spirit of his times (the 1920’s and 30’s) in a unique and powerful way, so too did my New Millennium Essences capture the energy of humanity at this time of tremendous upheaval and change, at the dawning of the new millennium.

Just as Dr Bach went out into the countryside, “back to basics”, in order to find the help that he was seeking, so too had I gone “back to basics”, to find the help that I needed. Like Dr Bach, I had wandered the countryside in order to find the plants that would help me in my quest: and also, like Dr Bach, I had delved deep into my own psyche, and into the depths of my soul, in my quest for healing.

There was, however, an “extra dimension”, to my deep explorations of my psyche. This was in the form of the profound transformation that I had experienced from all that obsessive “weekend workshoping” and intensive “personal and spiritual development” work (see my previous posts).

Because the manifestation of a flower essence is a “work of consciousness”, and the end-result is totally dependant on the level of consciousness of the person facilitating the work, my efforts at self-improvement had lifted my consciousness up to such a degree that my “consciousness work” (the facilitation of the essences) took on a clarity and a pristine powerfulness that would have been impossible had I not done all of that “inner work”.

This is definitely not something that can be created through an act of will with the intellectual mind. It has nothing to do with the intellect. Also, it cannot be faked: to get to this state, one has to “go through the fire”, to go deep into the depths of one’s inner psyche, to face one’s “inner demons”, much like the inner-work done by that great pioneer, Carl Jung. The challenge is enormous, the rewards are sublime.

Anyway…. that’s my theory, you decide for yourself.

The point is, by 1999, I had created something that was very unique in the field of natural healing.

So, for a while, I rested. From April to November, 1999, I retreated to a small beach-side cottage, and spent the winter doing more intensive self-healing work, using my new essences. I also went for many long beach-walks, enjoying being out in Nature, and spending much time in contemplation, and in resting, in preparation for the next phase of the journey.

For most of the year 2000, I led a quiet life. I made a few more new essences, I sat in the sun, I took life easy, and I wrote a lot: I wrote the first version of my Flower Essences Practitioner’s Manual, you can read this at this webpage….

For all of the year 2000, I had been contemplating an issue that was bugging me. My essence collection had been growing, and there were now too many of them! It was becoming increasingly difficult to sort them out into reasonable-size sets to offer for sale. And, there were overlaps…. some of the essences were for very similar “issues” that were also covered by other essences.

In October 2000, the answer came to me. “Super-Essences”! Combine individual essences into small “blended entities”, each blended entity being a combination of from two to five individual essences. Create some totally new form of “energy technology” to hold the blends together, and thus be able to offer people a complete comprehensive set of essences in a relatively small number of bottles.

If you are interested in the specific details of the “Super Essences”, you can read about them here….

And, for details of the specific Super-Essences that we currently offer for sale, see this webpage….

The birth of the Super-Essences are also covered in a chapter of my new book.

By the end of the year 2000, I felt complete. Like my life’s work was complete, and I could now rest from the creative work and focus on the marketing of my precious creations.

And, for all of 2001, this is what I did. Once again, I withdrew to a remote beach-cottage, spent lots of time in self-healing and contemplation, with long beach-walks every day. And, I taught myself basic web development and created my website, every page loving hand-crafted in HTML by myself.

By early 2001, the website was done, complete with its innovative Free On-Line Energy Healing facility. The major portion of my life’s work was complete, so I thought. All that was now needed was a marketing effort, and then I could scale back my efforts and relax for the rest of my life.

Well, the universe had other plans for me!

Which I will cover in my next posting.

Journey to Wholeness

Back around the early 1990’s, I was a very messed up guy. Everything in my life was a complete mess.

I decided to do something really radical about this state of affairs, to re-invent my life completely. This was an evolving process, that unfolded gradually. In the early days following this decision, I still had no idea how to proceed, but life has a way of bringing to us exactly what we need, and over the next few years, my path gradually became clearer.

For a while, I went ballistic in my pursuit of many “self-improvement” systems and techniques…..  I did things like Avatar, Silva Mind Control, Reiki, homeopathy training, many self-improvement weekend workshops, and so on. In short, I became a “New Age Weekend-Workshop Bunny”.

The sum-total of all this weekend-workshopping was that I emerged out the other side, around 1996, as a different person. It’s hard to put into words exactly…. I was just happier, more at peace with the world. There was a defining moment, one day around 1996…. I was on the sidewalk outside the Wellington Public Library, when I suddenly stopped and was overwhelmed with an immense sense of peace and gratitude.

However, what I am leading into here is this…. From 1992, alongside all that weekend-workshopping, etc, I was also working with a form of therapy that was eventually to become the number-one focus of my life…. flower essences.

I won’t go through all the details here. If you wish to know the details of how my love-affair with flower essences began, and where it has taken me, on a personal level, I suggest that you have a look at these pages on the New Millennium Essences website….

Also, my new flower essence book tells the story of how it all happened.

Suffice to say that, at the very beginning of my relationship with flower essences, it was on the basis of very great personal need…. I desperately needed a therapy. I needed a therapy that would help heal my severely-wounded psyche, that would nurture and heal my badly wounded inner-self, that would help me to heal the deep wounds in my soul.

Alongside this personal need, springing from it, in a sense, and then running parallel with it, there came about a desire to help others also, with this therapy. In fact, the “helping others” aspect of it became an important factor in my own healing! It was like, by helping others to heal, I increased the power of my own healing!

Anyway…. “the rest is history”, as they say, and if you are interested in the actual details of the history, the above three links, and the appropriate chapters of my flower essence book, will shed plenty of light on that.

What I now wish to do is to give you an insight into the various stages of my “essences love-affair”, focussing mainly on the major results of my labors, ie. the unfolding process that has been going on now for almost 20 years, and the results of this process, in the form of the specific essences that have emerged from my process….

To be conti

Hello World!

Hello everybody.

Well, here is my third attempt at blogging, the other two were aborted for various reasons, mainly “technical difficulties” with the blogging software. I trust that this effort will work out better!

First off, a little about myself…. I live in New Zealand, which is a small country (pop 4 million) in the South Pacific, our nearest neighbour being Australia, with whom we are sometimes confused!

I live in one of the nicest places in New Zealand, the Coromandel Peninsula, which has a mild climate, a lot of pristine wild areas, and is only two hours drive to Auckland, our largest ciry. I LOVE living here, only been here for just under two years, and have loved every minute of it.

I am what you might describe as a “radical spiritual warrior”, having seen through the falsehood and delusion of most of mainstream society….  the consumerism, the industrial-financial complex that keeps us enslaved, the addictive behaviors that pass as “normal”, and so on….  you get the picture, I am sure!

For the past 20-odd years, I have dedicated myself to finding “another way”, a more holistic and true lifestyle, a way of living that does not trash our unique planet, etc.

I am also dedicated to helping other people do the same, if they are interested…  if not, well that’s cool also….  everybody to their own unique path…. we will all get there in the end, it’s just that some paths are “more arduous” than others (a direct quite from one of my favorite books, “Home with God”, by Neale Donald Walsch.

19 to 20 years ago, I began a journey that is taking me into incredible places, an “inner journey of the soul”, however with many “outside” aspects as well, that mesh perfectly with my “inner aspects”. Looking back, I bless my good fortune with profound gratitude.

But…  you might ask…. what exactly do I actually DO?

Well now….  my primary “outer aspect activity” is as a pioneer in natural health. Specifically, my number one natural health “outer aspect” is the manifestation of flower essences…  which are energy remedies that help facilitate beneficial shifts in consciousness for the person who uses them.

You can see details of my work with my essences at my website…

I am also a fully-trained aromatherapist, (working with essential oils), a writer, and a general all-round amazing guy!

I am also a passionate organic gardener, and a member of the “Transition Towns” movement. I am very concerned about issues like peak oil and climate change.

My main passion in life is my drive for complete wellness and wholeness, in all aspects of my life, which includes my physical health, my emotional well-being, and my spiritual wellness.

I am a “Seeker after The Truth”, and I invite you to join me on my quest for true health, wellbeing and truth.